What I Should Have Said About Makayla’s Light

Our ward’s Young Women in Excellence program happened tonight. It’s a church activity where the girls share what they have accomplished during the year, and the leaders and parents talk about how great the girls are.

The parents were assigned to bring a light bulb that represents their daughter and share why they chose that light bulb.

I bombed big time. Not to make excuses, but I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. (Do I always say that?) I have a to-do/reminder list on my phone of things I need to accomplish each day or that I shouldn’t forget to do–return library books, pay bills, contact a school teacher, buy a birthday present for a friend, return a phone call, etc. I don’t put everyday tasks like laundry, dishes, cleaning, or meal prep on there because even though they occupy most of my time, I don’t ever forget to do them and they don’t really have deadlines. Usually, from day to day I have 5-10 tasks that carry over to the next day because I don’t get to them. When I’m very behind, I may have 12 tasks. This week, I have had between 17 and 22 undone tasks at the end of each evening. There’s a lot going on. And I’m not one to just make lists. When I was a young girl I made lists with colored markers and unimportant tasks so I could feel important and organized, but I don’t have room in my life for that. I truly need to remember to do these things and get them done within the week.

So, one of the things on my list was this light bulb assignment. I thought about it and planned to bring white Christmas lights. I wanted to say that these lights represent Makayla because she’s not flashy, but pure and elegant. She has a natural beauty. We have white lights on our trees outside. When I see them, I feel happy to be home and know I am in a safe, secure place. When I’m around Makayla, I am at home. White Christmas lights make me think of hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and cozy blankets and those are some of Makayla’s favorite things. Twinkling white lights bring a sense of magic, peace, and just plain goodness. Makayla is pure and good. Have you ever been to a restaurant or wedding or yard party where the place is decorated with small white lights? They bring a touch of class and sophistication to the surroundings. Makayla is classy and sophisticated. She has an artist’s eye and is an exceptional interior designer. Give her 10 minutes to tidy and decorate a room and she can declutter, organize, and shuffle the decorations to make the place feel like a fancy hotel. Last, white is a color that represents faith. Makayla’s faith in Jesus Christ shines in her countenance. She displays Christlike behavior in her thoughtful service to her family and others.

Yep, that’s what I should have said. Instead, I couldn’t find the white Christmas lights when it was time to rush out the door, so I grabbed Brooklyn’s mini disco ball. I tried to make it work by talking about how Makayla is a fun, dynamic addition to our family and that even if life’s not always a party, we love her for who she is. But it came out all wrong and I didn’t share much about who she really is. I actually said something really stupid about how she shows her true colors and we always know where we stand with her–what you see is what you get. Dumb comment!! I felt like a jerk for not planning ahead better.

I love Makayla. She is such a blessing to me and not having her around would be like Christmas without the beautiful white twinkling lights. Next time I have an assignment like this, I’ll be prepared.


Disney Dump

We had fun. There were a lot of ridiculous moments. Family travel is exhausting and hilarious. One day I will write about getting dinner at Winco, the forgotten backpack, the missing tickets, waiting for shuttles, potty training, swimming in the poison ocean water, and eating pizza at a ghetto park. For now, some pictures.